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Inand Around Westende: Things to do


Westende offers its guests a friendly atmosphere, where everyone has a great time. Apart from gastronomy and sport activities for adults, there is also an extensive entertainment programme for children. During the holidays there is an animation programme and there are playgrounds, skateboard and midget golf facilities.

Of course there is no lack of culture in the area of Westende. For instance Villa les Zéphyrs, which shows you how a family lived near the cost in the early thirties of the 20th century. Apart from that, Middelkerke counts many pieces of visual arts. Another place that must be on your to do list is the casino of Middelkerke, of which the terrace offers you a fascinating panoramic view over sea and is built in Normandic style. The casino often entertains its guests with musical and cultural performances. You can play Roulette, Black Jack, Poker and Stud Poker at several tables.